Energy performance certificate

The purpose of the energy performance certificate is to provide building owners and users with the information on the energy performance of a building or its separate useful unit and to compare the buildings in relation to their energy performance, efficiency of their energy systems, quality and properties of the building envelope.
Energy audit can be conducted and energy certificates can be issued only by a person who is licensed to do so by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning.

The energy performance certificate allows the buyers to obtain an insight into the quality of the construction regarding the energy consumption. Its primary purpose is to protect the customers and enhance the quality of building. It contains energy class of a building, its surface and term of validity. The energy class that a building is categorized into shows how much energy is consumed or saved. Of course, it significantly affects the amounts in bills for heating, electricity ... An operating permit will not be issued for new buildings if there is no energy performance certificate in place for such a building.

Before using or commissioning, new buildings must have an energy performance certificate drafted according to the Regulations on energy audits of buildings and energy certification of buildings (OG 81/12, 29/13, 78/13). The existing buildings or their separate useful units that are sold must have a valid energy performance certificate and it must be submitted for review to a client prior to the conclusion of the sales agreement as of 1st July 2013.

Single separate useful units of buildings that are rented out or leased must have a valid energy performance certificate available to a tenant or a lessee before entering into a rental agreement or lease agreement as of 1st January 2016.

If you engage our real estate agency for your property, no matter whether a flat, house or premises are concerned, and you do not yet have an energy performance certificate in place, our agency will seek to obtain an energy performance certificate from our chartered architects prior to the conclusion of a property sales agreement.